Viege Shampoo
Viege Shampoo
Viege Shampoo

Viege Shampoo

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Home Care Shampoo (gently cleanses the delicate scalp to restore the hair and eliminate the source of roughness)

The refreshing and calming scent of Viege Shampoo alone is enough to set you in a good mood after a bath. It is also efficient in cleansing off excess sebum, metal ions and odor to restore a healthy scalp with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rejuvenate your senses with its bright scent of fresh greens and grapefruits.

 Gently cleanses delicate scalp
 Neutralizes metal ions in tap water 
 Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory
 Supports penetration of treatment

 Loofa Extract
✓ Perilla Extract

How to Use: 
Wet hair and lather shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.