METHODE REGENERANTE | Shampoo Bio-fanelan
METHODE REGENERANTE | Shampoo Bio-fanelan

METHODE REGENERANTE | Shampoo Bio-fanelan

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When hair loses volume and becomes sparse, when significant hair loss is observed, an active program must be started against hair loss and disturbances in hair growth.

Bio-Fanelan shampoo activates the metabolism of the scalp from the shampoo. In addition, this active shampoo against hair loss stabilizes and strengthens the natural hydro-lipidic film of the scalp thanks to an innovative protein and fatty acid complex and restores the hair volume and hold. The active lipo-amino acids in the heart of the hair improve the quality of the hair in an instant and give it a new vitality. A precious mint oil regenerates the scalp, refreshes and tones it. The results are visible both to the naked eye and to the touch. Hair regains vitality, density and shine. This shampoo promotes optimal hair growth and prepares the scalp for the following specific care such as Bio-Fanelan Regenerating Premium.

How to Use:
Brush the hair and moisten it. Distribute about 7 to 10 ml of Bio-Fanelan Shampoo strep by strine on the scalp and massage lightly, to distribute the shampoo over the lengths. Emulsify with water, then rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary.